Vaccines are fragile commodity, needed to be stored between specific temperature ranges. Due to lack of proper monitoring, handling and electricity shortage in rural areas many time the temperature of vaccines crosses storage temperature ranges. Vaccine wastage in India, according to studies by WHO are as high as 60%. To avoid the usage of damage vaccines, heat sensitive stickers are used, but it is very difficult to pin point the bottle neck in the supply chain.

VaccSure is a vaccination packaging solution which ensure the temperature range of the vaccines to be maintained. Heart of the VaccSure system is the device which sense internal temperature of the packaging and send this data to central server for monitoring.

VaccSure also contain a Phase Change Material in the outer casing which ensure the temperature range of vaccine to be maintained for up to 36 hours in case of electricity failures. If internal temperature crosses the desire temperature range, the device locks itself to eliminate the accidental usage of damaged vaccines. The outer insulation cover provide safety from the mechanical impacts while transportation.

The electronic core records and maintain the log of the temperature, sends this data to the central server and also locks the the casing when it crosses the desired temperature range.

Due the use of low power blue-tooth device the Lithium polymer battery lasts for more then two years. which make this device independent of any power source.

There are four temperature sensors placed inside the core to get the exact temperature data within the core, this also complies to the WHO guidelines. Core is kept in to a organic phase change material (PCM) which regulate the temperature for up to 36 hours with insulation. VaccSure is kept in an insulating outer core made of silica aerogel based insulation which keep the internal temperature in range for 36 hours