Takhti provides an efficient infrastructural support solution for rural schools in India where we generally finds kids either seating on broken furniture or on ground because the furniture is either vandalized or not available at all.

Takhti includes a foldable low height desk for reading and writing, it also includes detachable cushion to seat on and it also contain a solar powered lamp for helping study in low light condition or during night.

As the present infrastructure of rural school face vandalism due to ill usage of public property, Takhti will give a sense of ownership to the kid and he/she will definitely take care of his/her bag. So it is better to give a personalized product to kid rather then investing again an again on furniture. Takhti is designed in a way to fulfill the most basic need of studying, a seating place and source of light when needed. When kids leave for school they can keep the solar lamp in sunlight for charging. The top surface can be use as slate to write or place books and notebooks while reading and writing. The folding and unfolding of the Takhti is made super simple by Single Push Lockable Hinge mechanism. The provided solar lamp can be aoutomatically turned on when attached to the desk.