While working with the development boards like Arduino and Raspberry pi we found out that the end product looks like an unfinished project. We see wires hanging around, many module attached to each other with different kind of jacks and in totality they look incomplete. As the purpose of an engineer or a student is just to make things and present its functionality we want to take this making experience to the next level. In this project we researched many of such open source hardware and we decided to work on RFID modules and NFC. As these modules are being used extensively in many engineering projects and the form factor available to the user in market is very unpleasing aesthetically,so in this project we have come up with the design of an integrated RFID, NFC, Atmega 328 and Wifi chip mounted on the same board along with a small battery backup. All this shall fit inside a case with a small form factor which shall allow the student to focus on their codes and functionality rather than the physical arrangements of their board.