Due to the rise of smartphones and the shrinkage of communication of every kind of voice call, social media notification, emails etc. to this small device, that we carry in our pocket has made our life very convenient. But this convenience comes with the cost of distraction. People tend to get distracted by the sound of a notification which starts a continuous looking for the next notifications. There is one solution that allows you to keep your smartphone on silent mode and only look for notification when you have time but you might miss an urgent notification. So in this project we decided to make a silent object which can notify but not distract a person.

As the human can sense changes in environment through 5 senses we tried to use light as a form of communicating a notification to the user. We designed a light which can be kept on the office table, bed side stand, dining table, in living space or anywhere, It will show you the notification by color change and intensity of the light. The light is interactive in way that you can change the place of the lighting rods to get different forms of lighting. It is a interactive light which can be customized according to the user.