20 million premature or underweight babies are born every year and estimated 450 of them die each hour.
The lack of fat in premature or low birth-weight babies results in inability to regulate body temperature. Since they can’t stay warm, they die.

he scenario of rural and remote parts of the developing countries like India is worst. The incubators used in neonatal care in rural parts of the India are open infant warmer. They face many issues like unhygienic environment, lack of electricity, lack of trained staff, lack of technical and repair facilities for electronics equipments, infant sharing beds etc. In India infant mortality rate is very high and lack of facilities at rural end of the health care system also a play a big role in female infant mortality rate. ‘Ma’ is designed to fulfill all these requirements of neonatal care in Indian rural scenario or countries facing such problems.

The key feature of this incubator is that all the electronics and active hardware elements are housed in a single Mani Unit. This Mani Unit contains a heater, humidifier, Bili Light for jaundice photo therapy, touch screen control panel, ECG unit, SpO2 sensor, temperature sensor. In case of damage or malfunction, only this unit need to be replaced for service and repair.

The outer shell casing and stand of the incubator is designed to be flat packed. So that the cost of transportation can be minimized and number of incubators transported in a single shipment can be maximized.