Awaas is a makeshift shelter which can be assembled and disassembled with minimum effort, keeping in mind the end user and it’s interaction with the product. The two key factors considered while designing the product was ease of usability and sustainability from rough use and extreme weather conditions.

A 1:1 prototype is fabricated. Glass Reinforced Fiber rods held together with steel joints maintain the stability of the structure and EVA foam supported by Poly Urethrene sheets act as bedding. The ground sheet provided under the Pu sheet prevents water seeping from the bottom. The PU sheets make the tent suitable for rocky terrains in addition to providing the support to the foam. Foldable White cane mechanism is adopted for the bedding to ensure ease of setting up and portability. The canopy is provided with a sealable vent when opened allows ample air flow through the net. The bag is designed such a way that a person can access the contents when he is inside the canopy.