This project is conceived to bring a new intervention in the interaction process of autism affected kids with their teacher in the classroom environment. This product is specifically designed as a result of a requirement generated by a NGO named Tamana which works with autism affected kids. In their classroom if a child wishes to seek permission for going to washroom or for drinking water he picks up a card from a wall shelf which corresponds to the permission he seeks lets say to go for toilet or for drinking water. This kind of interaction partially serves the purpose but the idea was to make him speak and understand how to verbally seek permission. Hence this product DaDa came into existence.
These are set of standalone wireless buttons that can be placed anywhere on the wall . These are designed in such a way that the card (the same card which was earlier used to seek permission) can be inserted inside the button. Every button has a different recorded audio that is played when the button is pressed thus making the child listen the permission phrase time and again and helping him replicate the same over a period of time.