Food Passport

We always want to have new experiences. Human life is nothing but collection experience. Some people like to travel or some wants to read book and some people just want to experience new cuisine. General practice of experiencing new cuisine is to ‘Google’ the name of place with food or ‘food to try in ___’. Google redirect us to a website which is either a blog or a restaurant aggregation company. We look either for rating given by people of their food or ambiance.

And after reading little bit of the description we commit to pay them a visit. Many time the restaurants push their advertisement and ratings on these web pages to be on top or sometime a good restaurant remain down the list. Many restaurants opens and closes everyday. But in all these nuisances there are some food joints carrying the heritage of decades with them. They are either ignored on new mode of daily updating culture or they are isolated for current hype culture. The experience and heritage they share is available only to very few people who knows and respect them for their heritage value. The taste and aroma of these places carries the stories, the culture, the leg- ends and heritage of decade and sometimes even centuries. People those have experienced these places, when they wants to share them with their friends and family, they may or may not recall the name of the shop, the cuisine or the place and even if they can they can only recall few. We wants to create a product which make this sharing and experiencing heritage easy and interesting.

The Idea

In this digital experience environment collecting a experience is only get boiled down to a photographs, selfie, a twit or a social media post. Even our profound experiences get crowded with everything else in our digital memory. By creating Food Passport we created a physical platform on which we can keep remembrance of our heritage food experience. We are making the old food joints available to people those are unaware and in search of their stories and legends. We are also making it easy to share our journey of food tasting to our friends and family. We are also helping user to create his or her own food walks so that he can recommend some one else of what he experienced.

The Product

Food Passport is a passport size collection of 30 food visas. These visas contains the name, address, timing, and other details of a place which make us travel back in the past for decades or sometimes centuries. The place contain a heritage of food and history of the food which they are serving to people form generations. Their is no rating, no review and no suggestions, the food is there for ages is the proof of everything we need to have a new experience in food. You can navigate to the place by scanning the QR Code of the visa. The QR code will take you to a web page where you can read short history about the food joint, see the special menu items and some photograph of the place. When you reach the place enjoy the food and then you can have your visa stamped by the food joint manager. You can keep this food passport as a target and memorabilia of your experience Using Food passport website you can create your own food passport for a place. And can order a set of two passports at the rate of 300 INR. You can also suggest some new places you knows that they have heritage in terms of their food preparations.

Data collection is in process of three cities right now 1. Delhi, 2. Lucknow & 3. Varanasi