DDIBC 2018

Delhi Design Innovation Bootcamp 2018 The “Delhi Design Innovation Boot Camp” is a joint initiative by the Design Innovation Centres 


Vaccines are fragile commodity, needed to be stored between specific temperature ranges. Due to lack of proper monitoring, handling and 


Awaas is a makeshift shelter which can be assembled and disassembled with minimum effort, keeping in mind the end user 

DIY Clocks

This kit is aimed at teaching kids about basic electronics and making them familiar with commonly available electronic components, basics 


This project is conceived to bring a new intervention in the interaction process of autism affected kids with their teacher 


As the countries are developing and cities are populating everyday, we need more utilities to serve this rise in population 


PerkUp aids in improving your cognitive functions through use of games, especially designed to boost the cognitive functions of the 

Food Passport

We always want to have new experiences. Human life is nothing but collection experience. Some people like to travel or 


Accieo is a mobile application designed to be used by differently-able people. It has a comprehensive database of the accessibility 


Dyslexia is a learning disability wherein school children do not achieve adequate reading skills despite normal intelligence, equal opportunity and